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Teaching Obedience, Discipleship, and Agape to Youth

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Fall-Feast Issue 2009  new.gif (111 bytes) Lead article - "PARENTING YOUR CHILDREN INTO GOOD ADULTS" by Shelby Faith
Fall-Feast Issue 2008   Lead article - "BREAKING THE CYCLE" by Shelby Faith
by John R. Kennedy
Summer-Fall Issue 2007  Lead article - "HOLY DAY SEASON REFLECTIONS" by Shelby Faith
Spring Issue 2007  Lead article - "GOD'S GREAT MAGNIFICENT PLAN" by Rory Ries
Winter Issue 2006/2007  Lead article - "NOW WHAT?" by Rory Ries
Summer-Fall Issue 2006  Lead article - "PREDATORS ON THE INTERNET" by Rory Ries
Spring Issue 2006  Lead article - "WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR SCHOOLS" by Shelby Faith
Winter Issue 2005/2006  Lead article - "THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN RAISING KIDS" by Shelby Faith
Summer-Fall Issue 2005  Lead article - "PASSING ON OUR FAITH TO OUR CHILDREN" (A Study for Parents)
Spring Issue 2005  Lead article - "A STORY FOR CHILDREN - The Parable of the Little Mouse" by David Goodwin
Winter Issue 2004/2005  Lead article - "TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN - PART 2" by Bill Faith
Summer/Fall Issue 2004  Lead article - "TEACH YOUR CHILDREN - PART 1" by Bill Faith
Spring Issue 2004 Lead article - "THE PASSION OF CHRIST" by Shelby Faith
Winter Issue 2003/2004  Lead article - "THE THREE-EYED MONSTER" by Shelby Faith
Fall Issue 2003 Lead article - "UNIVERSITY OF THE HOME" by James McBride
Summer Issue 2003  Lead article - "IT'S ABOUT TIME" by Flavious Adkins
Spring Issue 2003  Lead article - "GET WISDOM" by Steven J. Kieler
Winter Issue 2002/2003  Lead article - "The Role of the Father in the Family"
TODAY Special Edition Read this special issue to get a feel for what this excellent publication is all about! We think that everyone will find something of interest in this and every issue!
Summer/Fall Issue 2002  Lead article - "Parental Challenges" also read "Parents Responsibility to Children" and "The Mentor"
Spring Issue 2002  Lead article - Parents and Teens - "Understanding Each Other!" also read "Don't Listen to Lies"
Winter Issue 2001  Lead article - "Train Up A Child"
Fall Issue 2001  Lead article - "Thy Kingdom Come!"
Summer Issue 2001  Lead article - "The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave"
Spring Issue 2001  Lead article - "Is God Real To You - And Your Children?"


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