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CGOM Publications are made available free of charge and may be downloaded and copied for personal use.

We would ask however that you to not alter the material in anyway or sell for profit.


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Magazines Educational

New Horizons
In depth bi-monthly magazine designed to educate and inspire greater understanding of Gods plan for mankind and his purpose for each one of us.

Bible Basics
Learn how to study and understand the bible by using this bible study guide. Currently 8 chapters in length this introduction to biblical education is a great tool for the beginner.
Fountain of Life
A periodical magazine providing answers to many of life vexing issues, providing ancient biblical answers to our modern questions.
Outreach - Churches of God, UK
A monthly "email" newsletter produced by James McBride of England.
Booklets and Articles  
Just what do you mean...BORN AGAIN?
Easter...Is it Christian?
What kind of FAITH is Required for SALVATION?
God's Holy Days
Kingdom of God!...What Does That Mean to You?
"What do you Mean...SALVATION?"
Easter...Is it Christian?
Predestination...Does the Bible teach it?
Lazarus and The Rich Man
Believe It Or Not...The Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday!
Why Do You Observe Sunday?
The Key To The Book of Revelation
Where Did Halloween Come From?
How often should we partake of the LORD'S SUPPER?
Where are Enoch and Elijah?
After the Resurrection
Are Some Foods Unfit to Eat?
Before Jesus Comes
Church Governance
Coming to Baptism
Do You Just Pay & Pray?

God's Grand Design
Guidelines For Your Baptism
How To Run A Bible Study
In The Name of God
Is Hell Real?
Is Jesus God?
Observing the Festivals at Home
Passover - A Double Celebration
Passover and Unleavened Bread
Religious Holidays or God's Holy Days?

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Youth Education  
T.O.D.A.Y. Magazine
Have young people in your church or family, then get help and useful lesson materials from the TODAY magazine.
CGOM Statement of Beliefs
What is CGOM all about? Just what do we believe? Read our statement of beliefs and find out.
CGOM In Perspective
What is CGOM, what do we stand for and how do we work? Find out the answers to these questions and more by reading the CGOM In Perspective (PDF VERSION) article published in The Journal newspaper.
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Christian Educational Ministries
The Aborted Generation, A Second Chance?, Doing the Works of God, New Islamic Empire
The Two Babylons, Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright, Numbers in Scripture


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