Wednesday April 18, 2018 

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Why has the United States been the recipient of so much terror and pain in not only this attack, but also others in the past few years?

Why has the United States, the world’s only remaining “superpower,” been targeted by multiple terrorist organizations for such atrocities?


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Spring Summer 2001

Sabbath A Prophecy of Eternal Life
Fellowship on the Sabbath
I Will Meditate

Winter 1998
Why was Jesus Christ Born
The Quest for Eternal Life
Keeping Gods Commandments
A Dating Story
Spring 1997
Take Heed that no man deceive you
Which Ditch
A New Creature
Summer 1997
Quest for Eternal Life
What can I do Lord
I Can Smile Again
God Has Feelings Too
Fall 1997
Receive Gods Blessing
Stop, Look & Listen
Making a Difference

Winter 1996
As Christ Loves the Church
Of Making Many Books
The Fountain of Life





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